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Rear view of 2021 Porsche 718 Boxster

The mid-engine, two-seater Porsche 718 models are here to leave a lasting impression. The Porsche brand delivered a home run with the 718 range of models and continues to expand its offerings with the recent additions of the GTS 4.0 variants.

These track-rated Porsche models offer roadster style and class with the power and comfort drivers crave. You can get a closer look at what the Porsche 718 model range here at Porsche of Colorado Springs has to offer below.

718 Boxster Model Years: 2020 | 2019 | 2018

718 Cayman Model Years: 2020 | 2019

718 Spyder Model Years: 2020

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Porsche 718 Features and Specs

Seats in 2021 Porsche 718

Passengers and Design

The Porsche 718 range is most known for its two-seater style. These roadsters are offered in coupe and cabriolet body styles, appealing to high-class shoppers across Colorado Springs. The Porsche 718 Boxster is the cabriolet variant of the 718 lineup, while the Porsche 718 Cayman keeps you covered with its coupe design.


2021 Porsche 718 Wheel

Performance and Speed

The Porsche 718 Spyder and Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 deliver the most power out of the 718 lineup. These Porsche roadsters generate up to 414 horsepower and the 718 Caymen GT4 is able to hit a top track speed of 189 mph. The available power range for the Porsche 718 models is 300 horsepower – 414 horsepower.


Infotainment screen in 2021 Porsche 718


Every model in the Porsche 718 lineup is equipped with Porsche Connect and a Porsche Communication Management system. The Porsche Communication Management system brings everything drivers need into one spot, putting all of the vehicle’s audio and communication needs into one high-resolution touchscreen. With Porsche Connect drivers can remotely engage with their vehicle’s features, find directions, lock and unlock the vehicle’s doors, and more.

What is the Porsche 718?

The Porsche 718 sports car offers 10 different model options in its range, with Boxster, Cayman, and Spyder variants available. These mid-engine sports cars offer a sport-tuned performance that will bring thrills to every drive. The Porsche 718 range is available with a variety of engine and design options to make every vehicle unique to every driver.

The Porsche 718 Boxster lineup includes the 718 Boxster, 718 Boxster GTS 4.0, 718 Boxster S, and 718 Boxster T. The Porsche 718 Boxster Cabriolet convertible puts the wind in your hair and up to 394 horsepower on tap. The 718 Boxster lineup offers three engine options with a range of 300 to 394 horsepower.

The Porsche 718 Cayman is the coupe sibling to the 718 Boxster. This sports car brings an unmatched performance with the help of its automatic and manual transmission options and available range of engine variants. The Porsche 718 Cayman lineup includes the 718 Cayman, 718 Cayman GTS 4.0, 718 Cayman GT4, 718 Cayman S, and 718 Caymen T.

The chart-topping Porsche 718 Spyder is a one-of-a-kind sports car. This Porsche 718 appeals to the drivers looking for more than just a winning performance, but for an experience. The 718 Spyder is fitted with a manual transmission and 414-horsepower 4.0 liter flat-six engine built for the drive of a lifetime. The engine’s roar inside the 718 Spyder appeals to enthusiasts looking for an all-encompassing experience on the road.

How Much is a Porsche 718?

Here's a breakdown of the starting prices for each available Porsche718 model in the current 718 generation:

  • 718 Boxster – $62,000 MSRP
  • 718 Boxster GTS 4.0 – $88,900 MSRP
  • 718 Boxster S – $74,000 MSRP
  • 718 Boxster T – $71,000 MSRP
  • 718 Cayman – $59,900 MSRP
  • 718 Cayman GTS 4.0 – $86,800 MSRP
  • 718 Cayman GT4 – $100,200 MSRP
  • 718 Cayman S – $71,900 MSRP
  • 718 Cayman T – $68,900 MSRP
  • 718 Spyder – $97,300 MSRP
Profile of red 2020 Porsche 718 Cayman
Interior view of 2020 Porsche 718 Boxster
Rear view of 2021 Porsche 718 Boxster
Gauges in 2021 Porsche 718 Cayman