Closeup of gear shift in 2020 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4

Porsche Expands Porsche Dual-Clutch Transmission to 718 Models

Porsche 718 Models PDK Availability 

Porsche has announced that the availability of the seven-speed Porsche dual-clutch transmission (PDK) has been expanded to all Porsche 718 models. The PDK offering was previously limited to select Porsche models and now the PDK option has been added as an available option for the entire 718 lineup. 

The Porsche 718 PDK availability now includes the Boxster and Cayman 718 GTS 4.0 variants, 718 Boxster GTS, 718 Spyder, and 718 Cayman GT4 models. Find out what this PDK availability means for these Porsche 718 models below.  

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What Does PDK Mean? 

Closeup of gear shift in 2020 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4

PDK stands for Porsche-Doppelkupplungsgetriebe, which is a direct translation of Porsche dual-clutch transmission. PDK and Porsche dual-clutch transmission are often used interchangeably when discussing Porsche equipment, however PDK is the proper terminology for the system.  

PDK Vs. Traditional Transmissions 

The PDK system was first developed for the racing scene thanks to its quick shifting on the road. The Porsche brand first introduced the PDK to the public in 2009 and fans have been in love with it ever since.  

Two internal clutches take on the work of all seven transmission gears, with one taking on the even gears and the other taking on the odd ones. With these two clutches in place, the PDK system can work as efficiently as possible, allowing for the smoothest shifts possible on the road.  

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New Models Colorado Springs 

The expansion of the PDK availability is an exciting move for the Porsche brand. Stay tuned to the Porsche of Colorado Springs blog for more updates on Porsche news, new models, releases, and more. If you are looking for a new Porsche vehicle or are shopping for a classic Porsche model in the Colorado Springs area, check out the Porsche of Colorado Springs inventory today.