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Women's Only High Speed Driver Education and Track Experience


October 11, 2018 - Morning and Afternoon sessions will be offered at Pikes Peak International Race Way.


Instructors will coach you through several exercises that are sure to enhance your understanding of your Porsche's abilities and increase your car control skills in high stress and dynamic driving situations. 



Exercises -


Launch Control and Threshold Braking - Accelerate at full throttle in a controlled environment then practice straight line braking at the very limit of available traction. Learn to use smoothness and pedal feedback to achieve maximum braking and feel where the ABS system activates. 


Slalom - Kinesthetic connection to the vehicle. Ability to feel and interpret movement of the car. Learn the dynamic limits and capabilities of the vehicle and driver. 


Decreasing Radius - Drivers will negotiate a decreasing radius turn and learn to adjust steering input, braking and throttle input to control their path of travel. 


Emergency Lane Change - Eyes up exercise where drivers will learn to make a safe but effective accident avoidance maneuver at speed. Learn the dynamics of your car in a true to life scenario in a safe environment. 


After the ground school we will head to the track and put your skills to the test! Instructors will be provided for all experience levels. First time drivers to veterans will have the chance to apply the mornings lessons on the track for the remainder of the afternoon.




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