The Porsche Team


Joe Brenner

Joe Brenner - General Manager

Phone: 719.219.5012

Joe has been with Porsche since 2005 and in the automotive industry since 1995. He is a Colorado native and attended the University of Colorado at Denver. Joe has been a Porsche enthusiast for many years and truly appreciates the significance of the brand. Joe became General Manager at Porsche Colorado Springs in 2010. In the years Joe has been GM he is proud to have led the team to six Porsche Premier Dealership awards. Joe has also been integral in the establishing the only free standing Porsche Classic and Porsche CPO facility in the United States. Joe and his family live in Colorado Springs where they are very involved in the local cycling community and enjoy riding in and around the scenic Colorado Springs area.

Ted Hampson

Ted Hampson - General Sales Manager

Phone: 719.219.5022

Born and raised in Idaho, I have been blessed with two wonderful children that keep me busy when I am not here at the dealership. My beautiful wife and I were married the same year I entered the car business more than 19 years ago. I have performed many tasks at the dealership; from sales, finance and management but I have the most fun at driving events. I am fortunate to have a great staff of committed professionals that make my work very enjoyable. I am passionate about perfection and hope it reflects as I help create positive experiences for our team and our customers.

Justin Underwood

Justin Underwood - Sales Manager

Phone: 719.219.5017

Justin has been with Porsche since 2001 and began his career at the Porsche Technology Apprenticeship Program in Atlanta, Georgia. Justin’s experience with Porsche includes working as a Certified Technician, Service Advisor, Sales Consultant, Finance Manager, Classic Specialist, Sales Manager, and Brand Ambassador. Justin's passion and enthusiasm for the Porsche brand is contagious wherever he is and we are excited to have him as part of our team.  When he’s not at work, Justin is spending time with his son and daughter twins at home in Parker, Colorado. 

Bob Jepson

Bob Jepson - Finance Director

Phone: 719.219.5019

Bob grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan and is a graduate of Western Michigan University. He has been with Porsche since 2013. Bob has been in the banking industry for over twenty years and is committed to guiding our clients to the best solution for their individual needs. He is a resident of Colorado Springs and enjoys playing golf and fishing with his son.

James Polyefko

James Polyefko - Sales Consultant Porsche Certified Ambassador

Phone: 719.219.5014

James is originally from Anchorage, Alaska. He has been with Porsche since 2009 and is a Certified Brand Ambassador. James served in the U. S. Army and was deployed in Iraq. He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and three children. James enjoys time with his family and is an avid outdoorsman.

Travis Fodge

Travis Fodge - Sales Consultant

Phone: 719.219.5021

Travis is a native of Colorado Springs.  He enjoys spending time with his wife, son, and 2 dogs.  He enjoys fishing, hiking, and boating.  Travis has a love for motorcycles and anything with a motor but his favorite has to be the Porsche 911.

John Dyste

John Dyste - Sales Consultant

John moved from Minneapolis to Colorado Springs in 2014.  He and his wife own and operate Massage Green Spa in Univeristy Village.  He has been an car enthusiast for as long as he can remember and is having fun teaching his 4 year old son everything he knows.  John owns a 1971 Volvo 1800E. 

Sean Kelley

Sean Kelley - Sales Consultant

Phone: 719.219.1911
Cell: 408.607.6600

Sean is originally from Chelmsford, MA but grew up in California where he became a professional body boarder.  Sean and his wife, Kimmie moved to Colorado last year to raise their two beautiful daughters, Aspen and Abbie in the mountains.  Sean enjoys riding dirt bikes, snowmobiling, and snowboarding when he has spare time.      

Tony Cagle

Tony Cagle - Sales Consultant

Phone: 719-219-1911

Tony is a Colorado native. He began his automotive career in 2007 as a Sales Advisor with BMW and has since enjoyed creating lasting and memorable relationships for the past 11 years. Tony is an avid outdoorsman and loves being in the mountains with his dog whether it’s rock climbing, backpacking, hiking or hunting. Tony also enjoys spending track days on motorcycles as well as sports cars. Quickly becoming a Porsche enthusiast like the rest of us, Tony loves the heritage of Porsche and the passion and engineering behind the Marque.

Caleb Brown

Caleb Brown - Marketing / Inventory Administrator

Phone: 719.219.5016


Caleb has been with Porsche since 2013 and has been in the automotive industry since 2011. He is a graduate of John Brown University, where he studied Graphic Design & Photography. He also studied in Europe for three summers taking art classes during college. He is a "Colorado Migrate" hailing from Missouri. Caleb lives in Colorado Springs with his wife Renee and three kids, Liam, Lawson, and Hazel Bee. They also have a German Shepherd named Ranger and a Standard Poodle named Nova. He spends most of his time chasing his kids around the house when he is home. His daily driver is a 1968 Volkswagen Beetle.



Rick Harvey

Rick Harvey - Parts Manager

Phone: 719.219.5041

Ricky was born in Germany and raised in New Mexico. He has been with Porsche since 2010. As a Certified Parts Manager he is able to take care of all your needs for parts including tires and accessories. He lives in Colorado Springs and enjoys time with his wife and beautiful daughter Makenna.


Julio Estrada

Julio Estrada - Service Manager

Phone: 719.219.5032

Julio comes from La Paz, Bolivia. He earned Bachelors degrees in Business and Economics and also a post graduate degree in Finance and Accounting at the University of Chile. He has been with Porsche since 2011 and is a Certified Brand Ambassador. Julio lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and two young sons who are already Porsche fanatics!

Dave Petitti

Dave Petitti - Porsche Classic and Motorsport Manager

Phone: 719.219.5031

Dave first started with Porsche in the late 1970s as a technician. Over the years his passion for Porsche has kept him on top of the latest technology, but all the while appreciating and understanding Porsches proud past. Dave also has experience in motorsports as a driver and crew chief. Dave is originally from Cleveland, Ohio but now lives in Woodland Park, Colorado. Dave enjoys spending time outside and driving his classic 1977 911.

Marcus Fast

Marcus Fast - Service Advisor Porsche Certified Ambassador

Phone: 719.219.5033

Marcus is a Colorado Native. He has been in the automotive industry since 2000 and with Porsche since 2005. He joined Porsche of Colorado Springs in 2015 and is a Certified Porsche Brand Ambassador. Marcus lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and young Daughter and newborn Son. Marcus has two dogs, Bentley and Dozer. His Dream car, a 356 Speedster.

Andrew Olson

Andrew Olson - Service Advisor

Phone: 719.219.1911

Andrew comes to us from Texas and is a recent graduate of the Porsche Technician Apprentice Program.  He started working for Porsche Colorado Springs in 2016.  In his free time he loves to modify his cars, play guitar, and attend autocross events.

Matt Strand

Matt Strand - Shop Foreman Gold Factory Certified Technician

Phone: 719.219.1911

Matt has been with Porsche since 2008. He is a graduate of the Porsche Technician Apprentice program has achieved Gold Certification with Porsche. He is originally from Utah but is also happy in Colorado Springs because of the mountains. He enjoys fishing and being with his lovely wife Whitney and two dogs. He is the proud owner of a CJ5 custom Jeep (first car) and a 1985 911 with a RSR body kit. He is the youngest of 7 brothers and has the coolest job out of all of them.

Todd Parker

Todd Parker - Gold Factory Certified Technician

Phone: 719.219.1911

Todd has been with Porsche since 2010. He is a graduate of the Porsche Technician Apprentice program has achieved Gold Certification with Porsche. He is originally from Texas, and served in the U.S. Coast Guard. Todd enjoys time with his wife and 3 daughters as well as technical off road driving.

Jeb Bridgeman

Jeb Bridgeman - Bronze Factory Certified Technician / Porsche Clas

Phone: 719.219.1911

Jeb is originally from Plano, Texas but now lives in Woodland Park, Colorado with his wife and four children.  He attended Texas A&M.  Jeb is a 911 enthusiast and his daily driver is a 1974 911 Coupe.

Mike McGowan

Mike McGowan - Bronze Factory Certified Technician

Phone: 719.219.1911

Mike comes from Pennsylvania and is a graduate of the Porsche
Technology Apprentice Program.  Mike has been a technician since 2012 and quickly becoming a leading Porsche Technician since 2015.  Mike likes to be outdoors hiking Colorado trails and is also a car enthusiast.

Isaak Munsch

Isaak Munsch - Bronze Factory Certified Technician

Phone: 719.219.1911

Isaak is originally from Kansas but has lived in Colorado since 2007. He is a  graduate of the Porsche Technology Apprenticeship Program and has been with Porsche of Colorado Springs since April of 2017. In his free time, Isaak enjoys gaming, spending time with his family and two dogs as well as riding his Honda VFR800 Interceptor motorcycle.


Joanna Henry

Joanna Henry - Receptionist / Customer Experience Manager

Phone: 719.219.1911

Joanna was born in Romania and raised in Germany. She speaks 3 languages (German, Romanian, English) and likes to hike, read and shop. Joanna's favorite Porsche is the 911 Turbo S.

Bailey Moody

Bailey Moody - Receptionist

Phone: 719.219.1911

Bailey was born in Arizona, but has lived in Colorado most of her life and worked in customer service before coming to Porsche. Bailey likes spending time with her family and friends. Bailey Moody would like to say that she lives up to her last name in all aspects.  Bailey loves making people laugh and she is willing to help whenever she can.

Jason Byrd

Jason Byrd - Sales Lot Technician

Jason is originally from Oklahoma and has spent most of his life here in Colorado. Jason has been in the automotive industry since 2009 and with Porsche since 2015. Jason and his beautiful wife, Sam have two great kids with lots of character. Jason enjoys fishing and collecting Hot Wheels in his spare time.

Connor Everett

Connor Everett - Sales Lot Technician

Connor is originally from Tallahassee, Florida, but has lived in Colorado Springs since 2015. As a former professional road cyclist, he’s fascinated by anything with wheels. He enjoys off-roading, dirt bike riding, and time with his family and girlfriend.

Will Vandohlen

Will Vandohlen - Service Lot Technician

Will was born and raised in middle tennessee. He moved to Colorado Springs with his girlfriend in summer of 2017. He is an avid car enthusiast. If he isn't at work you can bet he's at a car show or in the garage wrenching on something.