person performing an emissions test on a vehicle

What do Emissions Tests Check For?

Which Colorado Counties Require Vehicle Emissions Testing?

People are paying more and more attention to environmental issues such as global warming nowadays, and automakers are doing their part to produce vehicles that give off fewer emissions. It’s fairly common to see various counties across the United States require new and used vehicles to undergo emissions testing to ensure they’re up to code. If you’re in Colorado, take a look at which Colorado counties require emissions testing!

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What do Emissions Tests Check For?

There are two parts of an emission test that officials will look for. The first is the pressure level in your gas cap. They want to see that it is effective at minimizing the harmful effects of gasoline vapors escaping out into the open air. The second part of the test involves checking the emissions monitoring component usually located under your vehicle. They’ll make sure it’s working properly and that it is effective at reducing those emissions. The counties here in Colorado that require emissions testing include:

  • Boulder County
  • Broomfield County
  • Denver
  • Douglas County
  • Jefferson County
  • Adams County*
  • Arapahoe County*
  • Larimer County*
  • Weld County*
  • El Paso County**

While it may be a minor inconvenience having to get this testing done, it helps ensure we’re all doing our part to keep our state – and our earth in general – a cleaner place to live. Learn more about emissions testing by getting in touch with the team here at Porsche of Colorado Springs!

*Only required in certain parts of the county

**Only requires diesel inspections