Porsche of Colorado Springs dealership. How Often Should I Service my Porsche?

How Often Should I Service my Porsche?

When to Get Porsche Vehicles Serviced? 

Porsche as a nameplate barely needs any introduction in the world of sports cars. Porsche vehicles are known for their robust aerodynamic designs and best-in-class performance on the road. If you have ever been behind the wheel of a Porsche and pumped the gas pedal maximum, you are familiar with the adrenaline rush these vehicles provide. However, you need to service your Porsche vehicles as and when required to get the best performance on the road. Internal systems in any Porsche vehicle are sophisticated and require timely maintenance. In this blog by Porsche of Colorado Springs, we have shed light on when to get Porsche Vehicles serviced. For more details, visit our dealership in Colorado Springs, CO. Check out our new vehicles inventory now!  

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Porsche Maintenance – Regular, Intermediate, and Major Service Schedule 

Regular Service 10,000 miles 
Intermediate Service 20,000 miles 
Major Service 40,000 miles 

Change your oil and replace your oil filter every 10,000 miles as part of your regular servicing. Every 20,000 miles, you should get an intermediate service, including replacing your cabin air filter and a more thorough evaluation of your car. Spark plugs and serpentine belts are typically replaced at 40,000-mile intervals as part of a major service.  

Keep in mind that you should always ask your technician to check engine oil, engine oil filter, air filter, brake fluid, cabin air pollen filter, tires, radiator, coolant and coolant hose, headlights, electrical systems, horns, and battery in all service instances.  

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Porsche Vehicle Service in Colorado Springs, CO 

If you are in and around Colorado Springs, CO, you can service your Porsche at Porsche of Colorado Springs. We have a fleet of Porsche service experts who are adept with the working of every nut and bolt of Porsche vehicles and use genuine OEM products and follow best service practices to ensure the longevity of your Porsche. Contact us today for more information.