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Colorado Springs Fire Department Enacts 2020 Burn Ban

What is Allowed During a Burn Ban in Colorado? 

Those around Colorado Springs may be hearing the term “burn ban” being thrown around on the news, in local papers, and online. The Colorado Springs fire department has recently enacted a burn ban that is set to be in place until further notice. But what is a burn ban and what is allowed during a burn ban in Colorado Springs? 

This burn ban guide from Porsche of Colorado Springs is here to give you insight on what is allowed and what’s not during a burn ban in Colorado.  

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Why is a Burn Ban in Place? 

Bonfire burning

A burn ban has been put in place throughout Colorado Springs as a result of the current and forecasted weather conditions. Burn bans are enacted to help raise fire hazard awareness and reduce the risk of fires spreading unintentionally. With a burn ban in place, those who violate the ordinance are subject to investigation which may lead to a misdemeanor or felony charge.  

Colorado Burn Ban: What’s Allowed? 

Understanding what is and isn’t allowed during a fire ban can be tricky to understand. Below we’ve laid out what you can and cannot do when the Colorado Springs burn ban is in place to help you stay safe and out of trouble.  


  • Outdoor fireplaces (fueled only by natural gas, liquid fuel, or liquid propane gas)
  • Outdoor BBQ grills (fueled only by natural gas, liquid fuel, or liquid propane gas)
  • Outdoor smoking (in designated areas only)
  • Some outdoor hot work (welding and torching may be allowed in some instances with a permit)

Not Allowed 

  • Outdoor cooking, smoking, or grilling in public spaces 
  • Outdoor fireplaces fueled by wood, pellets, or charcoal 
  • Outdoor smoking in open spaces 
  • Recreational fires 
  • Small engine equipment without a functioning spark arrestor 
  • Open or prescribed burns 
  • Model rockets 

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The Colorado Springs burn ban has been set in place to keep those in the community and the community itself safe from potential fire hazards. Stay in tune with local news and ordinance updates to be sure you have the latest and most up to date information.  

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