Porsche x Star Wars with Starship Sketch

What is the Porsche & Star Wars Designer Alliance?

With the ninth and final film in the Skywalker saga on the horizon, Star Wars has become one of the most talked-about topics in pop culture once again. A lot of major companies are hopping in on that discussion in one way or another to capitalize on its popularity, including Porsche! The two companies – Porsche and Star Wars – have come together to form The Designer Alliance, collaborating for the first time ever.

What is The Designer Alliance doing?

The Designer Alliance is a collaboration between designers from Star Wars and Porsche, coming together to work on one massive project. So, what’s the project? Well, they’re designing a spacecraft of course. Captained by Michael Mauer (VP Style Porsche) and Doug Chiang (VP Executive Creative Director, Lucasfilm), the two design juggernauts have assembled a team consisting of seven other bright designers to create the perfect spacecraft blended between Porsche and Star Wars styles.

New Starship Specs & Features

The new spaceship will be a New Republic Light Assault Starship, blending design elements from some iconic Star Wars ships – like the X-wing, Y-wing and U-wing – as well as the Porsche brand’s newest model, the Taycan. The starship will be built in-universe by the fictional starship manufacturer Incom Corporation, the company behind the X-wing Starfighter.

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Some specifications were laid out to the team before they began designing the new starship, including that the ship would need between 2 to 4 engines and be operated by 2 pilots, with a maximum crew of 5. The ship would need a large rear cargo door and, perhaps, a pair of entry doors near the front of the ship.

Although we know we won’t actually be able to pilot this starship anytime soon, we’re excited to see the fruits of this labor and where it might end up in the Star Wars Universe!