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How Can I Custom Order a Porsche Vehicle?

Porsche 911 Vehicle Orders Colorado Springs CO 

If you are in the market for a new Porsche 911, whether it be a stock model or a custom vehicle order, you are likely wondering how you can go about ordering your vehicle. This guide from Porsche of Colorado Springs will give you the Porsche 911 ordering details you are searching for. Learn about Porsche 911 vehicle orders and the custom ordering process in Colorado Springs in this guide.  

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How to Order a Custom Porsche 911 

If you are looking to order a custom Porsche 911 vehicle in the Colorado Springs area, or just want to order a variant that we don’t have in stock, there are two ways you can go about doing this. The first way to order a custom Porsche 911 is by visiting the Porsche USA website and using the car configurator tools to create your custom 911 model. Once your Porsche 911 is complete, you will be asked to select your nearest Porsche dealer by entering the dealer’s location zip code. After finishing your online specifications, dealer selection, and the final steps of the ordering process, your Porsche 911 vehicle will be on its way to our dealership in Colorado Springs.  

Those who wish to order with a member of our team can do so over the phone or during an appointment with one of our sales representatives.  

Silver 2020 Porsche 911
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White Porsche 911 in procution

How Long Does It Take to Make and Deliver a Porsche 911?  

If you have just ordered a new Porsche 911 model there’s a good chance that you are already counting down the days until it is supposed to arrive here in Colorado Springs. Luckily for shoppers, when you order a 911 model you can now use the Porsche Track Your Dream digital service and track your vehicle order from the assembly line to transport to its arrival at our dealership. Your Porsche 911 will go through 14 steps between your order and its arrival, and you can track them all with this online system. When using this service you can even watch your vehicle being made by viewing the livestream feed from cameras in the Porsche production facility  

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Buy a Porsche 911 in Colorado Springs 

Now you may be asking yourself – how can I buy a Porsche 911 in Colorado Springs? Whether you want to custom order a 911 or buy one off the lot, you can find your next Porsche 911 here at Porsche of Colorado Springs. Visit our online inventory to view our current lineup of new Porsche models in Colorado Springs or contact a member of our team for information on ordering a new Porsche 911 from our dealership.