Tire on a snowy road

How to Prepare My Vehicle for the Winter Season?

Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Winter  

There is a chill in the air of Colorado Springs; winter is fast approaching. Like getting yourself ready for the winter with warm clothes and shoes, your car also needs to be prepared for the snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. Getting your vehicle ready is essential to avoid the effect of the weather on the different parts of the vehicle, prevent breakdown or accidents, as well as save on repair costs and gas. AT Porsche of Colorado Springs, we have put together a list of tips that can be useful for your vehicle.  

Scraping ice from the windshield

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Top 5 Things to Do to Save your Vehicle from the Winter  

Check the Antifreeze  

You must ensure that your vehicle’s antifreeze is at the proper level. If it is low, there will be a risk of having the water in your radiator freeze, stopping it from cooling your engine. A good mechanic will help you have the perfect mix of antifreeze to protect your vehicle.  

Check Your Brakes  

When it comes to safety, the brakes of a vehicle are the most important safety system. You must check your brakes and brake fluid checked and replace the brake pads if necessary. Snowy and icy roads will demand excellent brakes if you want your vehicle to stop properly without slipping.  

Inspection of the Tires  

Similar to the brakes, tires play an important role in saving your vehicle from slipping. So, inspecting your tires to see if they are worn out is essential because worn-out tires will not have an adequate grip on the roads. You can also consider winter tires that offer more traction and kick the snow away from the roads.  

Check the Wipers  

Windshield wipers have to be checked; you should look for the signs of wear or any damage such as splitting. Change the windshield wipers immediately; they are not clearing your windshield effectively. Also, you can switch to a winter wiper blade, and they have a durable cover that stops the snow and slush from freezing the joints. A winter version of the wiper fluid that can de-ice the windshield can replace the normal wiper fluid.   

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Checking the Battery  

Cold weather can hurt your vehicle’s battery so. Have your mechanic check and test the battery to ensure that it is ready for the cold winter.   

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