2020 Porsche Taycan driving toward camera

Does Porsche still make diesel cars?

Porsche Discontinues Diesel Car Production

Many drivers love diesel engines. When taken care of, they are incredibly reliable and long-lasting. From semis to the family sedan, imported diesel vehicles are a prominent fixture of the imported auto market. But that may be changing.

Does Porsche still make diesel cars?


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Porsche to Focus on Hybrids

Porsche released a statement on November 30th stating that they intend to discontinue diesel car production and switch focus to hybrid and EV development. They site sales figures as the reason for the change, with hybrids making up “63 percent of all Panameras ordered in Europe.” By contrast, diesel Porsche models accounted for only “12 percent” of global sales.

2020 Porsche Taycan interiorPorsche Announces New EV

In light of these statistics, Porsche announced the Taycan launch, a fully electric sports car manufactured “using CO2-neutral production methods and supplied with green electricity via a Europe-wide charging infrastructure.” The Taycan has a 2020 release date for the States, though it is unclear when in 2020 it will arrive. Given that sibling company Volkswagen isn’t releasing the ID.3 and ID Space Vizzion in the US for a couple of years, we are surprised that the Taycan is also set to have a 2020 American release. If you’re interested, considering reserving a Taycan.

Porsche Will Still Service Diesel Vehicles

Porsche is committed to properly serving its customers. It will still service any diesel Porsche at certified Porsche locations. It will also continue to sell certified pre-owned diesel Macan, Panamera, and Cayene models. To clarify, production is discontinued, not the sale of diesel models.


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