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What fuel should be used in a Porsche?

Do I need to use premium fuel in my Porsche?

When it comes time to fill up with fuel at the pump, there are typically three different fuel options to choose from. The type of fuel you should use is largely dependent on the type of engine in your vehicle. Porsches are more expensive which may naturally lead someone to wonder if they need to use premium fuel in it. Do you need to go with the expensive stuff, or can you get away with using the cheaper options?

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What fuel should be used in a Porsche?

If you wondered if premium fuel should be used in your Porsche, you’re right. Porsche engines are built to perform at high levels, much more than that of more conventional automakers. Because of this, they need top-quality fuel to keep them running at a high level. This isn’t true of most engines, though. For vehicles such as Toyotas or Hondas, regular fuel is just fine because those engines aren’t built in a way that requires premium fuel. While regular fuel can still be used in Porsche models, you’ll notice a big dip in performance and it may cause engine rattling. It’s best to just stay on the safe side and stick with premium fuel.

Here at Porsche of Colorado Springs, we want to see you on the road years from now in the same Porsche you bought from us. By using the right kind of fuel and keeping up with maintenance needs, you can ensure a maximum lifespan of your Porsche. Get in touch with us for more tips and tricks!